Friday, November 1, 2013

Fun Food Friday: Soda

Happy Friday folks! For Fun Food Friday we are going to talk about soda. Now I know there are a few of you out there that don’t touch the stuff, which I respect, but to me, there are just sometimes when you NEED a diet coke. Thankfully, those times have become less over the years, but I still do like the stuff. For all of you soda-addicts, China has you covered. 

China has the standard Coca-Cola products. From regular coke to diet coke and coke zero, your options are all available in a 12oz can or a 16oz bottle. The funny thing about China is that regular coke and diet coke are consistently the same price – from store to store they may be different prices but within the store itself are the same. A can will run you about $.34 and a bottle about $.41. Regular coke and diet coke have been available in China for a long time. The first time I visited China in 2006 both were available. Coke zero, however, is the newest addition to the Coca-Cola family, which runs about $.41 for a can and $.48 for a bottle.

Fanta has the same pricing strategy. Apple Fanta sells for about $.43 a bottle and orange Fanta sells for $.48 per bottle whereas the newest flavor, peach, sells for $.53 per bottle.  

For all you people who think that Pepsi is WAY better than Coca-Cola, you will find your beverage of choice as well. Pepsi offers regular, diet and Pepsi MAX with prices about the same as Coca-Cola. China also offers 7-Up, Sprite and Mountain Dew (gross!). We have tried diet coke, diet pepsi, coke zero and pepsi MAX, so I couldn’t tell you if the other sodas taste the same as they do in America, but the artificial sugar stuff tastes slightly different (they all have a spicy aftertaste), so I am assuming the other stuff does as well. 

There are no flavor variations available in the typical Chinese store – I am talking cherry coke, vanilla coke, etc.; however, the international market has these variations available for about $1.31 per can. The only way I would pay that much for a can would be for a diet Dr. Pepper – which I have yet to find.

To be honest, my drink of choice is coffee. Since today is November 1st, I finally let myself open this bad boy – which made this Friday that much better! Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Maggie,
    We all loved the coke/pepsi/meat floss post! Boys thought it was cool. We are praying for you!